TVR Chimaera – V8

£49.00 (£58.80 incl. VAT)

Engine: V8



This particular car sounds untamed, unnatural and unbelievably brutal. With screeching tires, donuts and ripping pass bys with a rasp, crackle and pop; the TVR Chimaera certainly knows how to make a dramatic entrance. All recorded from a trackside perspective, this car is a small yet will have a large impact to any sound library.

The car itself is a British TVR Chimaera with a 4.0L V8; an evil sounding exhaust system and by the end of this session in need of new tires!

Recording this car was a last minute and unexpected surprise. With a mobile stereo and mono exterior trackside microphone capturing all the audio, we managed to get all this car had to offer along with some specialist car manoeuvres consisting of burnouts into the distance, wheel spins and donuts circling around the microphones position.

This session is delivered as folders of mono and stereo Wav files. No Pro Tools or Reaper sessions are provided with this session due to the fact that no audio is reliant on time-stamp positions or locations.


Compressed size260.8Mb

Audio files24
Compressed size260.8Mb
Uncompressed size305.2Mb
MetadataSoundminer, Basehead
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