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Presenting the Paton GP500 sound library! An expertly crafted collection that captures the raw power of this iconic vintage motorcycle. This rare Italian classic features a roaring 500cc 2-cylinder engine, embodying motorcycle history and racing heritage. We strategically placed three microphones on the bike to authentically capture its distinctive growl, from ignition to redline. Additionally, we recorded passbys from multiple vantage points capturing every detail of this incredible machine’s intense sound.


What sets the Paton GP500 Sound Library apart is the timecode synchronisation of every recorder, simplifying DAW session reconstruction and enabling easy alignment of mic perspectives for chosen manoeuvres. We have included ready-made time-synchronised Reaper and Pro Tools sessions with the standard pack.

Delivered unprocessed in 96kHz 24-bit, the library contains detail, nuance and offers you full creative freedom.


To facilitate your efficient searching for your desired sounds, we have included extensive metadata in every file. Our file naming and metadata are created according to UCS standards and can be read by audio management and librarian tools such as Soundminer & Basehead.




Short & Sweet Premium Pack
Audio files 18 64
Compressed size 349.9MB 1.14GB
Uncompressed size 401.6 MB 1.2 GB
Quality 96kHz/24-bit 96kHz/24-bit
Format WAV WAV
Metadata View File List View File List
Available  Download only Download only

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