Jaguar XE SV Project 8 – V8


Engine: V8




One of our many British big cats, the new and iconic Jaguar XE Project 8 inhales an enormous volume of air before letting out a gargantuan roar as it hurtles itself down the track spluttering as it goes with plenty of exhaust crackles, pops and gurgles. This car is a fantastic dramatic addition to any growing sound library.

This library includes separate onboard engine recordings capturing aspects of the engine supercharger whine, rotation and timing sounds. Exhaust recordings capturing all of the rasping and spluttering pipes. Last but not least are the interior cabin perspective recordings in surround for internal audio of the car.

The car is a Jaguar XE Project 8 Supercharged 5.0L V8 engine with large capacity twin air intakes. Sporting a spluttering exhaust system with the valves engaged to open from 1000RPM instead of the standard noise reduced 4000RPM, this car is giving its best performance expelling a cacophony of noise as it reaches the upper limits of its RPM range to howl its way down our track.

Approaching this car recording session like we always do, we aimed to capture all the sonic character this car has to offer.

With a series of manoeuvres actions from start up to slow through to fast driving, accelerating from an idle stance to redlining through the gears and plenty of deceleration and engine braking back down again to a static idle to ignition off. With a fully rigged setup producing isolated onboard recordings of engine, exhaust and interior all timecode jam synced for DAW session reconstruction, we have taken all aspects from pre to post production into consideration.


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