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Sounding like an F1 car as it zooms past the trackside microphones at ridiculous speeds, the Ferrari FF is a great and dramatic addition to any sound library. And dramatic is indeed the best way to describe this car, with its impressive sounding start ups and revs to screaming passbys and aggressive driving.

The car itself is a Ferrari FF, sporting a hefty naturally aspirated V12 6.3L engine with 651bhp under the hood. The powertrain of this vehicle contains a F140 EB engine derived from the Ferrari/Maserati V8 (featured in the 458 model), it still sings the classic Ferrari tune with dramatic higher pitched sounds.

We recorded a series of manoeuvres from slow to fast, some general driving while switching gears, and the exterior perspective recordings of drive ins and drive offs, passbys and door shuts.

With a fully rigged setup producing isolated onboard recordings of engine, exhaust, interior and two static external trackside perspectives, all timecode jam synced for DAW session reconstruction we have taken all aspects from pre to post production into consideration.


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