Ferrari 348 TB – V8 (1989)





This mid-engined supercar is an icon of its time. With a 3.4ltr V8 pushing 300bhp of pure Italian vintage to the rear wheels, this classic produced some fantastic tones. An awesome limiter, some modest exhaust pops and gurgles, and a highly detailed whistling air-intake help sculpt the sound of the 348. With its motor powered folding lights, an endless amount of internal switches and buttons, and some great mechanical sounds on board, the Ferrari 348 TB has a vast array of sounds to offer in this comprehensive library. We created multi-channel recordings from various onboard positions within the engine bay, interior and exhaust; accompanied by track-side rigs to provide you with a full pallet of mono, stereo and surround assets.

Above and Beyond:

As with all our vehicle recordings, we aimed to capture the key sonic characteristics of the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 with our extensive multi-channel setup. Using a vast selection of microphones and positions for each key aspect of the vehicle, this library provides you with endless mixing possibilities and the ability to sculpt something entirely unique.


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