Black Powder (Coming soon)



Proudly introducing our Black Powder library; the perfect source for all your black powder rifle cracks, booming cannon shots and shotgun blasts.

Blast your sound design to the next level with this cracking selection of black powder weaponry:

  • ¼ Scale HMS Victory Replica Cannon
  • Colt 1851 Navy Revolver
  • Pattern 1861 Enfield Musketoon
  • Short Barrel Shotgun
  • Single Barrel Shotgun
  • Snider-Enfield 1861 Artillery Carbine
  • 12 Bore Over & Under Shotgun (Nitro Powder)
  • 12 Bore Pump Action Shotgun (Nitro Powder)
  • 12 Bore Over Semi-Automatic Shotgun (Nitro Powder)
  • Swedish Cavalry Revolver (Foley Only)

This library is great for any project that needs authentic, historical weapon sounds, or even just used to sweeten up your impact sound designs.

As well as recording each weapon’s gunshots, we also recorded the Foley of each weapon – reloading, muzzle loading, dry fires, powder ignition (cannon), charge loading (cannon), general weapon handling etc.

What will you receive?

One Reaper and Pro Tools session which have all the tracks, audio files and video files laid out on the timeline. (Videos included in the DAW sessions are all time coded and synced to the audio files)
A readme file detailing the specifics of the library, recording and editing sessions
A map of where the different recorders and microphone set-ups were placed

This session was recorded with seven different recorders and 26 microphones: mono, stereo and 5.1, all at different perspectives and distances. Further information will be included in the readme file upon purchase.


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Compressed size780.5Mb3Gb
Uncompressed size723.6Mb4.58Gb
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