Aston Martin Vantage S V8

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Engine: V8



This British V8 engine created a whirlwind of crazy sounds on the track! With a particularly loud engine roar and a brutal and aggressive sounding rasping exhaust this car is a brilliant addition to any sound library.

With separate onboard engine recordings capturing aspects of the engine belt noise, rotation and timing sounds. An air intake microphone capturing the inhaling and gasping of air as the car takes its breath before charging down the track. Exhaust recordings capturing all the rasping and pops and burbles. Last but not least the interior cabin perspective recordings in surround for internal audio of the car.

The car is a Aston Martin Vantage S with a naturally aspirated manual 4.7L V8 engine with a hefty 420bhp under the hood. With a custom Quicksilver exhaust system fitted out in replacement for the original stock model this car has its own unique sonic character.

We approached the recording of this car with like many of our other sessions with an ear for detail ensuring no audible stone was left unturned. With a series of manoeuvres from slow to fast driving, gear sweeps and ramps accelerating from an idle stance to redline and decelerating back down again. Especially the exterior perspective recordings of drive ins and drive offs, passbys and door shuts.

With a fully rigged setup producing isolated onboard recordings of engine, air intake, exhaust, interior and two static external trackside perspectives, all timecode jam synced for DAW session reconstruction we have taken all aspects from pre to post production into consideration.


Audio files 395
Compressed size 8.11Gb
Uncompressed size 10.9Gb
Quality 96kHZ/24bit
Format WAV
Metadata Soundminer, Basehead
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