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Welcome to the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio sound library! A meticulously curated audio library of high-quality recordings which capture the raw power and finesse of this Italian masterpiece. The 2.9L V6 Quadrifoglio was recorded with sixteen incredible microphones positioned in and around the car. This included mics fastened inside the engine bay, above the exhausts and positioned inside the air intake. Everything is captured, from the flutters of the intake to the mighty roar of the Quadrifoglio’s V6 engine.



Four channel ambisonic files were recorded from the interior and trackside perspectives, perfect for surround and VR applications.

What makes the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Sound Library special is that every recorder is timecode synced for simple DAW session reconstruction making it incredibly easy to sync every mic perspective from a chosen manoeuvre. 

Delivered unprocessed in 96kHz, 24bit the library contains detail, nuance and offers you full creative freedom.



To help you quickly find the sounds you are looking for we have included extensive metadata in every file. Our file naming and metadata is created according to current UCS standards and can be read by audio management tools such as Soundminer & Basehead.

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Short & Sweet Premium Pack
Audio files 46 285
Compressed size 1.17GB 7.38GB
Uncompressed size 1.27GB 8.24GB
Quality 96kHz/24bit 96kHz/24bit
Format WAV WAV
Metadata View File List View File List
Available Download only Download only





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