About us

Many years of working in-house with some of the best game developers in the world has enabled us to build a truly brilliant team of sound designers. What’s more, we’ve established a diverse global network of expert contributors, from skilled voice actors to devoted field recordists and composers.

We have worked on a wealth of game projects, from sonically sumptuous triple-A console blockbusters to creatively daring mobile games. Our portfolio ranges from titles as diverse as Forza Horizon 3 and 4, Guitar Hero Live, MotoGP 17 and 19 and Heroes – Magic Duel.

By combining our international network of talent, state-of-the-art facilities and future-ready technology we can offer note-perfect sound design, emotionally rich music, meticulously directed voiceover work and much else besides, all tailored for your next game.

Today, we’re very proud to introduce Sweet SFX – A catalogue of professional and high quality sound effects to help sweeten up your sound design.

We like a sweet deal like everybody else, so if you are planning on buying several library licences for your company or collaborators, feel free to contact us at sfx@soundingsweet.com and we’ll work something out together.

Happy sound designing!