Welcome to Sweet SFX, a library of professional and high-quality car sound effects to help sweeten up your sound design! Created by the talented team at Sounding Sweet, and drawing from years of industry knowledge, we offer some of the best sound libraries you will find. In addition to our collection of cars, we also offer a wide-ranging catalogue including everything from lions, to shotguns, to motorbikes. 

High-Quality Car Sound Effects

All our car sound effects have been recorded on track using the very best microphones and recording equipment. Furthermore, each of our sound effects has been lovingly edited and lightly processed. This enables your sound design team to work effectively and provide outstanding results! We have included pre-built Reaper sessions with each library allowing you easily take the wheel and start editing. On top of this, our libraries are extremely easy to use thanks to the comprehensive metadata descriptions we have injected into every WAV file.

Catalogue of Sound Effects

We have a huge catalogue of more than 50,000+ individual sound effects which are available by contacting us directly. In the catalogue you will find 100+ car libraries and 30+ motorbike libraries. Alongside vehicle recordings, you will also find other libraries including big cats and black powder. If you are interested in any of the sound libraries in our catalogue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and enquire about availability.


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