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SweetSFX has brand new libraries featuring some incredible cars, and more will be speeding onto the site very soon, watch this space!

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Welcome to Sweet SFX, a catalogue of professional and high quality sound effects to help sweeten up your sound design! Created by the talented team at Sounding Sweet, our libraries are extremely accessible and easy to use thanks to the comprehensive metadata descriptions we have injected into the supplied wav files.

All our vehicle sound libraries have been recorded on track using the very best microphones and recording equipment. Each of our sound effects has been lovingly edited and lightly processed. This enables your sound design team to work effectively and provide outstanding results! We have included pre-constructed Pro Tools and Reaper sessions with each library, allowing you to see the audio files in sync across the onboard and trackside perspectives.

We are busy preparing several sweet libraries that we have advertised as “Coming soon”. If you are interested in any of these “Coming soon” sound libraries please don’t hesitate to get in touch and enquire about availability. We can likely supply the assets quickly via a manual download link.

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